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Ausangate 7 Lagoons, Sacred Valley, Mahupicchu, Moray Salineras

6 Days / 5 Night
Destinations: Ausangate, Sacred Valley, Mahupicchu, Moray, Salineras Maras

Tour Details

Ausangate 7 Lagoons  Cusco, Sacred Valley, Mahupicchu, Moray Salineras

  • Day 1: Cuzco City Tour.
  • Days 2: Ausangate Tour – Andawaylillas-Pikillacta -tipon-Cuzco.
  • Days 3: The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Pisaq,pisaq Market and Ollantaytambo.
  • Days 4: Machu Picchu Tour+waynapicchu+ sun gate +inka bridge.
  • Days 5: Chinchero Archeoligical Site+ Local Traditional Market – Maras – Moray Terrace circles + Salineras.
  • Days 6: End of the tour or joing to your next peru trip.


Ausangate 7 Lagoons Cusco, Sacred Valley, Mahupicchu, Moray Salineras 6 Days.

Day 1: Cuzco City Tour.

After been picked up from the airport in cuzco upon your arrival the tour will start . Cusco Cathedral which is one of the finest Colonial Cathedrals in the Americas. Building started in 1560 and was completed in 1664. Situated on the Plaza de Armas, this impressive building lies at the heart of many traditional festivals. When the Conquistadores arrived, bringing Catholicism with them, local people combined many catholic feast days and customs with their own Andean customs and rituals, leading to some of the most colorful yet devout celebrations in the world. Qoricancha (from the Quechua word Qori Qancha meaning ‘Golden Courtyard’), originally named Inti Qancha (‘Temple of the Sun’). It was the most important temple in the Inka Empire, dedicated primarily to Inti, the Sun God.

The Church of Santo Domingo was built on the site, using the base foundations of the temple that was flattened by the Spanish in the 17th century, and is a fine example of where Inca stonework has been incorporated into the structure of a colonial building.


Situated at 3.700 m of sea level a Quechua word ( Tampu machay ) the place where people can rest a short period of time. it could also be the bath of the Ñusta ( the Inca princess) it is also believed the sanctuary to the cult of water. Puka Pukara Quechua word ( red fortress). This is an Inca archaeological site it was a military and administrative site it was built to control, provide security and defend the Cusco city, as well as the control of the route to Calca that leads to the Antisuyo (Forest County of the Inca).

Qenqo it is believed to be a multifunctional religious site was also a place of Andean worldview where nature converges and the space around us and astrological observatory, commissioned by people specifically in charge of looking the seasons, the wise INKAS this archaeological site is unique, here the carving of many animals can be seen in high relief were considered secondary gods in the time of the Incas, and consists of ruins formed by rocks with stairs in a zigzag, and a main building similar to a circular amphitheatre where 19 window sills are located as a way of seats.

Saqsaywaman. Scene of epic battles between Conquistadores and Inkas, this cannot fail to impress. While the high towers that once dominated the skyline were long since razed to the ground, the sheer scale of the zigzag stone walls is a sight to behold. Its construction took over seven decades and required the work of approximately 20,000 men. The stone was dragged from 20 miles away and still today we are not quite sure how they moved the huge megaliths into place. Some of its external walls exceed 30 feet in height and the largest stone weighs over 350 tonnes.

From Sacsayhuaman we will head down to.

hotel : casa andina ,tierra viva or similar

Days 2: Ausangate  7 lagoons – Andawaylillas – Pikillacta – Tipon – Cuzco.

Early in the morning the driver and the guide will pick you up from your chosen hotel, later you will be taken to the ausangate mountain it will take 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach ausangate paqchanta from there starts the hike. Undoubtedly Ausangate route offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole area of Cusco, with many birds and wildlife and glaciers and high andean lakes. It is also one of the most difficult in the region, with three open passes over 5,000 meters / 16,000 feet. On a clear day, Apu Ausangate dominates the horizon south of Cusco.

As we approach this mountain (6380 meters or 20,926 feet) one gets more and more impressed and fully understand why the ancient Incas respected both this spectacular mountain. Throughout the trek Ausangate circuit went through villages where local people dress in traditional costumes – women with hats with beautiful ornaments – and llamas, alpacas graze freely you will have time for walking up to the mountain and have the hole idea of what really means these respected and worshiped mountains, take time for photos after enjoying this route we will get back to the route lunch on the way back to Andawaylillas, Pikillacta, Huacarpay lagoon, tipon down in the valley.


Our way back to cuzco you will visit Andahuaylillas, Pikillacta, Tipon This tour is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes, lakes of Urcos and Huacarpay, Inca architecture in Tipon, pre – Inca Wari architecture in Pikillaccta and a beautiful chapel, known as the “Sixtine Chapel of America” back to cuzco later in the afternoon the night we leave it for you to wander around in cuzco city center.

hotel : casa andina ,tierra viva or similar

Days 3: The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Pisaq,pisaq Market and Ollantaytambo.

After pick-up from your hotel today you will enjoy a full-day Sacred Valley tour, we will be visiting the Inca ruins of Pisac , the market at Pisac, a great place to buy souvenirs and then drive through the valley to the lovely Inca site and village of Ollantaytambo. You will have an English-speaking guide all day and a great buffet lunch included in the valley, later in the afternoon 19.00 you will have train joining to aguas calientes this is more convenient for you for the next day tour in Machupicchu.

hotel la cabaña , casa andina ,or similar

Days 4: Machu Picchu Tour+waynapicchu+ sun gate +inka bridge.

The advantage you have is that you have stayed in Aguas Calientes overnight and therefore don ́t have to get up as early as you would in Cusco to catch the train. A transfer will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the station or if you are staying in one of the hotels really close to, or in the station itself, you can walk there. After being met you will start the tour earlier than the others who are still coming from Cuzco after we finish the tour in Machu Picchu we will get back to Ollantaytambo just few minutes from there there is a hotel well located you will stay down in the valley for the next day tour.

hotel : intiterra hotel ,or similar

Days 5: Chinchero Archeoligical Site+ Local Traditional Market – Maras – Moray Terrace circles + Salineras.

A short drive in our private vehicle takes us out over the high plain to the small town of Chinchero. There is usually a fantastic view of the snow peaks of the Sacred Valley and perhaps even across to Salkantay one of the major mountains traditionally worshipped by the Inkas Situated at 12,300 feet this is home to one of the regions most authentic markets. The local women proudly wear the traditional costumes of the area in a village known for its weaving.

We then head to explore the nearby Inca archeological site. Maras – Moray Consisting of a series of terraces built in concentric circles, it is thought to have been designed for agricultural experiments. The terraces offer different amount of sun and shade depending upon their level and orientation, thus giving a wide range of conditions in which to work out what plants could be grown where. This information could then have been used to determine which crops would thrive at certain altitudes and aspects. We should have fantastic views all day long of the snow peaks across the Urubamba valley such aws Veronica, Pitusiray and Sawasiray.

From here we continue to the small colonial village of Maras where it seems time has stood still before then heading on down to the Salt Pans or Salineras as they are known locally. Salt is still extracted by hand by families that have worked here for generations. It also makes for some beautiful photographs. We then carry on to cuzco city we will take you to your chosen hotel and from there you have the hole afternoon for yourself night in cuzco.

hotel : casa andina ,tierra viva or similar

Days 6 – End of the tour or joing to your next peru trip.

After breakfast upon yout flight we will take back to the airport from there we will continue with your trip.


What is Included?

transfer in from airport -hotel

all pick ups  from your hotel

english speaking tour guide in all sites

private transport

train tickets to machupicchu both ways

bus tickets up and down from aguas calientes to machupicchu site

all accommodations




What is Not Included?

all meals

all inka site entrance fees

all extra personal expenses

bottle of water


Minimum of Passenger Required: 02

From $ 1800 USD per person


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