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Raqchi has an approximate area of 1000 hectares, in addition to the gigantic Inca wall that protects the archaeological park, you can see some buildings such as aqueducts, underground tombs and precincts of pre-Inca culture.

We can also say that Raqchi is located on the Ruta del Sol that, All tourist buses run daily with its modern tourist transport fleet from Cusco to Puno and Puno to Cusco.

Temple of Wiracocha Raqchi

The archaeological complex of Raqchi is known as the temple of Viracocha, because the Incas raised large constructions in this place, besides that it is composed of several different areas each designated with a specific function.

The most important structure of the Viracocha Temple is the enormous rectangular structure of two floors that measures 92 meters long by 25.5 wide.

The structure consists of a central wall of adobe between 18 and 20 meters high, with an andesite stone base, which has windows and doors, is flanked on both sides by a row of 11 circular columns with the bottom in stone and the upper one in mud.

Before its destruction by the Spaniards, the temple had what is believed, the largest roof in the Inca Empire,


THEY divided the site into 5 sectors: the Wiracocha Temple, the Greater Inca Temple, the warehouses, the statue, the enclosures and the water sources.

Warehouses or Raqchi Colcas
Towards the east of the temple of Viracocha there are 156 colcas or warehouses of circular plant with 8 m of diameter and 4 m of height, located in parallel lines.

3 These warehouses were used to store grains such as corn and quinoa, potatoes, chuño, dried fish brought from the coast, dry alpaca meat, brought from the Collao plateau, which were used for ceremonial purposes and mainly to distribute in the different from you


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