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Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain, Cuzco

9 Days / 8 Night

Tour Details

 Ausangate Trek  with Rainbow Mountain-Cuzco

  • Day 1: Cuzco City Tour.
  • Day 2: Cuzco to Chillca.
  • Day 3: Chillca to Machucaraccay.
  • Day 4: Machucaray to Anantapata.
  • Day 5: Anantapata to Huampucocha.
  • Day 6: Huampococha to Cuzco.
  • Day 7: The Sacred Valley Of The Incas: Pisaq,Pisaq Market And Ollantaytambo.
  • Day 8: Machu Picchu Tour+Waynapicchu+ Sun Gate +Inka Bridge.
  • Day 9: End Of The Tour Or Joing To Your Next Peru Trip.


 Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain-Cuzco 9 Days

Day 1: Cuzco City Tour.

After been picked up from the airport in cuzco upon your arrival the tour will start . Cusco Cathedral which is one of the finest Colonial Cathedrals in the Americas. Construction has started in 1560 and was completed in 1664. Situated on the Plaza de Armas, this impressive building lies at the heart of many traditional festivals. When the Conquistadores arrived, bringing Catholicism with them, local people combined many catholic feast days and customs with their own Andean customs and rituals, leading to some of the most colorful yet devout celebrations in the world.
Qoricancha (from the Quechua word Qori Qancha meaning ‘Golden Courtyard’), originally named Inti Qancha (‘Temple of the Sun’). It was the most important temple in the Inka Empire, dedicated primarily to Inti, the Sun God.

The Church of Santo Domingo was built on the site, using the base foundations of the temple that was flattened by the Spanish in the 17th century, and is a fine example of where Inca stonework has been incorporated into the structure of a colonial building.

Tambomachay. Situated at 3.700 m of sea level a Quechua word ( Tampu machay ) the place where people can rest a short period of time . it could also be the bath of the Ñusta ( the Inca princess) it is also believed the sanctuary to the cult of water.

Puka Pukara Quechua word ( red fortress). This is an Inca archaeological site it was a military and administrative site it was built to control ,provide security and defend the Cusco city , as well as the control of the route to Calca that leads to the Antisuyo (Forest County of the Inca).

Qenqo it is believed to be a multifunctional religious site was also a place of Andean worldview where nature converges and the space around us and astrological observatory, commissioned by people specifically in charge of looking the seasons, the wise INKAS this archaeological site is unique, here the carving of many animals can be seen in high relief were considered secondary gods in the time of the Incas, and consists of ruins formed by rocks with stairs in a zigzag, and a main building similar to a circular amphitheatre where 19 window sills are located as a way of seats.

Saqsaywaman. Scene of epic battles between Conquistadores and Inkas, this cannot fail to impress. While the high towers that once dominated the skyline were long since razed to the ground, the sheer scale of the zigzag stone walls is a sight to behold. Its construction took over seven decades and required the work of approximately 20,000 men. The stone was dragged from 20 miles away and still today we are not quite sure how they moved the huge megaliths into place. Some of its external walls exceed 30 feet in height and the largest stone weighs over 350 tonnes.

From Sacsayhuaman we will head down to.

Day 2: Cuzco to Chillca.

After been picked up it will start your adventure, you will cross the fertile valley roads Vilcanota towards the picturesque village of Checacupe,where we visit the colonial churchs and inka sites
before continuing our journey to the beautiful valley of Pitumarca that will serve as a prelude to reach the spectacular Japura canyon where we will start a walk of about 90 minutes to guide us to our destination on this first day, the community of Chillca. where the base first camp is located.

Day 3: Chillca to Machucaraccay.

After healthy freakfast our journey will start the hike for the next 8 hours or so. The Pampa of Uyuni overwhelm us with their beauty we will cross under the watchful eye of glaciers that guard. Our journey began to become more is stretch as we get closer to the waterfalls, down the slope of the mountain Santa Catalina. After passing through two lakes, both monitored by the watchful you will see a lot of llamas, alpacas sometimes andean foxes. We arrive at our destination for the day, Machuracay, located near Apu Ausangate.

Day 4: Machucaray to Anantapata.

This is the third day of our adventure and also the most difficult, our way this time will be somewhat more complicated than pampas we will have a very demanding ascent until step Palomani located approximately 5100 meters high, after continue to descent to Ausangate Cocha will offer a break to our lungs and a show in our eyes giving us a view only glacier on the south side of Mount besides the red sandstone formations of the popular “Nevado del Inca”.

Finally we arrive at Anantapata where, guarded by the Apu, spend the night.

Day 5: Anantapata to Huampucocha.

Fourth day, closer to the end of our adventure began early in the morning the road completely surrounded by layers of different colors; red, yellow, ocher, gray and blue, among others that allow us to see the wonders of geology; but we are not alone  or not we are surrounded! With any luck we will be able to see vicunas, these curious animals prefer to live away from the human eye, hidden between the pastures of the highlands. Surrounded by rocky walls of the mountains we will spend the night in Huampococha, namesake site of the nearby lagoon that is home to loving couples Huallatas.

Day 6: Huampococha to Cuzco.

The end of the road; we must make the last effort to cross the passage of Anta, after that we will begin the descent, the more you go down closer to houses and cultivated land began to appear. Again we are not alone, this time we will see some curious animals, the size of cats, Vizcachas are the guardians of the road that will cross to reach Pitumarca.

After four days away from everything and everyone is time to return to cuzco city.

Day 7 – The Sacred Valley Of The Incas: Pisaq, Pisaq Market And Ollantaytambo.

After pick-up from your hotel today you will enjoy a full-day Sacred Valley tour, we will be visiting the Inca ruins ofPisac, the market at Pisac, a great place to buy souvenirs and then drive through the valley to the lovely Inca site and village of Ollantaytambo. You will have an English-speaking guide all day and a great buffet lunch included in the sunny valley, later in the afternoon 19.00 you will have train joining to aguas calientes this is more convenient for you for the next day tour in Machupicchu.

Day 8: Machu Picchu Tour+Waynapicchu+ Sun Gate +Inka Bridge.

The advantage you have is that you have stayed in Aguas Calientes overnight and therefore don ́t have to get up as early as you would in Cusco to catch the train. A transfer will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the station or if you are staying in one of the hotels really close to, or in the station itself, you can walk there. After being met you will start the tour earlier than the others who are still coming from Cuzco after we finish the tour in Machu Picchu we will get back to Ollantaytambo just few minutes from there there is a hotel well located you will stay down in the valley for the next day tour.

Day 9: End Of The Tour Or Join To Your Next Peru Trip.


What is included?

  • Professional Guides: All of our guides studied English and tourism at Cusco National University. They all grew up in this region and have a true passion to teach others about their heritage. They are fun yet professional, and will ensure you are safe and happy.
  • Hotels: Included in this tour is a one evening stay in Cusco and a one evening stay in Aguas Calientes. We can easily add extra nights before or after the tour, if needed. Let our team know if you are interested in extending and we will give you a quote. Rooms are based on double occupancy. There is a surcharge for a single room. Upgraded hotels are always possible. We can also book the tour without any hotels, if you prefer to book them on your own.
  • Transportation: All your transportation is included on this tour. We will pick you up from your hotel around 1 p.m., on the first morning, and will make sure you are escorted until your are brought back to your hotel around 8 p.m. the final evening.
  • Train Tickets : Train tickets are in Expeditions tourist class , from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes is at 7.00 pm and from Aguas Calientes to Ollanatyatmbo is at 4.20 pm, if you hoping to upgrade to Vistadome train then is $ 75 one way and $100 round trip, 3.37 pm from Ollantaytambo and 4.43 pm from Agaus Calientes to poroy.
  • Professional TOUR Guides
  • Briefing
  • Porters & Horsemen
  • Emergency Horse
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Food
  • Water
  • FirstAid

Does not include:

  • Huayna Picchu: Huayna Picchu is the mountain that stands next to Machu Picchu. It is a 45 minute hike to the top. Going back down is quite steep, if you are scared of heights. This is done without your tour guide, after your tour of Machu Picchu. The cost is $75 per person. Arrangements need to be made at least one month in advance, due to popularity. Please understand that weather is out of our control.
  • Flights: Flying to Cusco can be tricky. Delays occur often and it is not uncommon for flights to be cancelled. Please be sure to arrive in the city at least two days before your trek start date. LAN Peru is the most reliable of the airlines. Avianca and Peruvian Airlines are acceptable companies, as well. You will not return from your trek until around 8 p.m. on day two, so be sure your flight is not until the next day, when leaving Cusco.
  • Gratuities: Tipping is always appreciated and should be based completely on your satisfaction. Although it may not be customary to you, it is of considerable significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels.
  • Travel Insurance: This is not required, but always recommended. For those of you who live at sea-level, landing in Cusco will take an adjustment period. Most people need one or two days to adjust. In case you have a hard time adjusting to the altitude, it is suggested to have protection for missed tours.
  • Rentals

Every trekker needs a sleeping bag, when camping. Inflatable air mattresses and walking sticks (with rubber tips) are optional, but encouraged. If you don’t want to bring any of the above, they are all available for rent:

  • Sleeping Bag: $20
  • Inflatable Air Mattress: $15
  • Walking Sticks (Pair): $15
  • Huayna Picchu $ 😯


Minimum of Passenger Required: 02

From $ 2,200 USD per person


( Please select date and time before select people )


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